Everybody needs encouragement- especially working Supermoms!

The list of things to do is long.

On good days, we call this “job security.”

On rough days, we call this daunting, overwhelming, consuming, and stressful.

We have been paying for a rented office space for almost three weeks and have yet to stock the space with survival snacks and beverages. Because the building is old, and encumbered by snow most of the year (Crested Butte gets an average of 200 inches of snow each winter), the wiring has gone bad and despite several attempts by CenturyLink to remedy the problem, we have no functional phone line or wireless internet.

I have been asking for a separation of home and work for 8 years, and now that it is finally happening, I feel discouraged that the transition is so slow.  Thankfully a few minutes ago, I received a text from my husband reading, “No biggie.  It will all work out.”

And sometimes that’s all you need to hear.

Especially on days that you’ve offered to dog sit but won’t be home all day because you’ve got your car in the shop for repair.  You’re wearing a backpack and walking a mile between the dealer and the coffee shop.  You’ve bought your obligatory egg and cheese bagel because you should purchase something while using the wifi.  You stop at Family Dollar to buy an umbrella because the one you already one is “stored” in an undisclosed location in the van, along with your good rain jacket and rain pants.  You’ve left your phone charger in the car so you can’t “waste” battery power making work calls.

You are still thinking about your lost work day this week when you hauled 7 bags of laundry to the hostel because you couldn’t fathom washing pee pee pillows, quilts, fishing bags, stuffed animals and drawers full of clothes in your own laundry room and then working the clothesline for days on end.

On days like these, you need inspiration.  If I could sell a few books, confirm a few sponsors and schedule posts for next week, that would make me feel pretty darn good.  I have a new umbrella, a cup of coffee and my computer charger. Wish me luck.