Grace is … Contagious Diseases, Clotheslines, Leaf Hatches and Mammograms

The title of this entry reflects a bit of transition.  The last 10+ days were marked by a contagious disease that took over our household and led to sleepless nights (and mornings), bribes of vanilla ice cream and chocolate milkshakes as early as 5:45am and as late as 9pm, uneaten fruit accumulating layers of mold, and half a dozen packs of Ramen.  We’ve watched more episodes of Dinosaur Train than we care to admit.  There were moments when I feared my two year old had grotesquely turned into “that” toddler- who could not be appeased by any effort we were willing to put forth.  “What will I do if he throws a fit like this outside our house?” became a recurring thought in my head.  I learned a little bit more about how much each person in our family could “take” before breaking.

Yesterday I could feel that the plague which had befallen our household was finally lifting.  We recovered from the Super Moon do its eclipsing thing, and were finally feeling hopeful about the range of possibilities a new moon can bring.  The seasonable autumn brown overtaking our landscape will soon be followed by lots of white stuff which will later feed the waters we treasure so much.  We caught the last Farmers Market- where beautiful root vegetables were in abundance.  We captured a few hours in the sun- the last of which was spent jumping in the leaves at the neighborhood playground with a crew of excitable children.  I got a few loads of laundry out on the line- the sun was bright enough and certainly the wind was strong enough to dry (and decontaminate) our sheets and clothes quickly and efficiently.

I talked to my son about going to the hospital on Monday- for a lump in my breast.  He cocked his head to the side and said, “Are you sad?”  I replied, “Yes, I am a little sad.”  “Let me hug you,” and he reached his arms out, wrapped them around me so lovingly that I knew everything was going to be okay.  “Don’t be sad.  You feel better now.”  He wasn’t “that” toddler; he was still my sweet, caring little boy.  Whooh!

Today, I am grateful for many things.  I am grateful that the “lump” was nothing more dense breast tissue.  I am grateful that my husband got a whole day out on the water yesterday, catching his biggest rainbow of the season with a new fly fishing companion who rows like a champ.  I am grateful that my parents are arriving in two days and my son could not be more excited.  I am grateful that our neighbors graciously welcome my folks to rent their house because they’ve moved back to Wisconsin for the winter (yea, figure that one out).  And I am grateful that I know the pleasure of doing laundry on the line rather than in the dryer.  Why don’t more people do this?!  Seems like a no-brainer to me.  FREE DRYING!

There is nothing like wrapping your pillow in a pillowcase that hung in the Colorado sun all day long.  There is a smell that cannot be imitated, a freshness that cannot be captured with words, and a comfort that is completely unmatched.

The moment I laid my head down last night, I knew today would be a great day.  We are still dealing with a very early riser (5:45am) but he is back to his healthy, happy self.  We have another month to get the laundry out on the line without having to post-hole through the snow.  And, for a few more weeks, we will do just as Dinousaur Train’s Dr. Scott the paleontologist suggests…we will “Get outside, explore nature and make (our) own discoveries.”  More than anything, I hope to find grace in every moment- whether it is seemingly good or bad at the time.

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